Write a sentence with the word food web

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What is a food web?

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How can I put and write and define food web in a sentence and how is the word food web used in a sentence and examples? 用food web造句, 用food web造句, 用food web造句, food web meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by video-accident.com Image by Lloyd Arnold via Wikimedia Commons.

Before he was a big game hunter, before he was a deep-sea fisherman, Ernest Hemingway was a craftsman who would rise very early in the morning and write. Every part of the story is important, but nothing is as crucial to captivating the reader as the opening sentence.

Yet many writers overlook the role of the first sentence, starting their novels (short stories, articles) with a cliché, a long boring sentence or even something artificially sensational for.

The Food Wed has lot's of animals on it, and it's just like the water cycle but except with animals.

Write a sentence with the word food web
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A sentence for food web