Was clement attlee a modest little

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He Is a Modest Man Who Has a Great Deal To Be Modest About

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A history of social housing

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Welfare state

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Citizen Clem by John Bew review – exemplary biography

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But those are vaguely ties, incomprehensible to Europeans, which have only millions of men from the far nights of the earth to the relationships of France, and we must organize to them to suggest to draw us together. Walthamstow wanderer: Clement Attlee is seen in Priory Court, London, with a group of children in October Photograph: Fisher/Getty Images He was “a modest little man, with plenty to be.

Winston Churchill once said of Clement Attlee that he was ‘a modest little man with much to be modest about. ’ Contrary to this quote by one of his critics, the letter in source G displays Attlee in less than a modest way.

Written by Attlee himself, it should give a true representation of his character as it was not intended to be published. From Lloyd George's promise of "homes fit for heroes" to Margaret Thatcher's dream of a property-owning democracy, housing has been at the centre of British politics for more than a century.

Key. Winston Churchill? Voltaire? Julian Amery? Ronald Reagan? Apocryphal? Dear Quote Investigator: According to legend a political rival of Winston Churchill was once praised with the description “He is a modest man.” Churchill responded with the quip “He has much to be modest about.”.

Was Clement Attlee a better prime minister than Winston Churchill? This was a topic discussed several times in the Alport household because my father and I both went to Haileybury College, as had Clement Attlee.

Attlee is a modest little man with plenty to be modest about.” Churchill did say something along these lines, though in one form or another that too is an ancient insult.

A “sheep in sheep’s clothing” was also attributed to Churchill, though in fact it was Malcolm Muggeridge who said it.

Was clement attlee a modest little
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He Is a Modest Man Who Has a Great Deal To Be Modest About – Quote Investigator