Raised line paper

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A Brief History of Tactile Writing Systems for Readers With Blindness and Visual Impairments

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Raised line writing paper

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Stage Write Raised Line Paper

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Raised - Line Paper - Narrow - Line

Heavy raised lines on x inch sheets of paper help the user feel the lines when writing. Approximately sheets per pad. This is a six stage series of handwriting papers that begins with clearly defined writing spaces and perceptual cues that fade in successive Stages as the student gains mastery.

Thick, colorful dark blue baselines are raised, providing not only visual. Your Ultimate Pulp and Paper Dictionary on the Web. Raised Yellow Bright Lines Paper features a raised dark black bottom line that visually and tactilely cues the student where to stop writing (helping them stay on the lines when writing).

Each tablet contains 50 heavyweight, easy-erase, raised line sheets.

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Raised-Line Stop & Go Writing Paper A unique transitional writing tool designed to be used by individuals who have difficulty staying in the lines of regular writing paper.

This paper has raised lines which provide not only visual, but also tactile feedback, as the writer can feel the lines. Speciality paper provides sensory-tactile feedback.

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Motivate students to improve their handwriting. Raised lines are superimposed on printed lines. sheets per pack. 24 green lines spaced 7/16" apart.

Raised line paper
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