Nonfunctional requirements with data mining

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Humor: Data Modeling and Visualization but not Data Mining

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CISSP Practice Questions: Application Security

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The Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) reference architecture discussed in this article provides a blueprint for an enterprise or application architecture. It also establishes the building blocks of SOA: services, components, and flows that collectively support business processes and goals. Semantic analysis of functional and non-functional requirements in software requirements specifications.

A., Godoy, D., Campo, M.: Semi-supervised classification of nonfunctional requirements:an empirical analysis 13, () CITED BY. Citings are not available INDEX TERMS.

Mining association rules is a fundamental data mining. Dec 11,  · The non-functional requirements in data mining could come from the operating environment, the users, and the competitive products.

In the operating environment, data can be affected by the system which is used in supporting the process. It poses problem on how the software will work towards establishing dynamic data architecture. Techniques in data mining and recommender systems mentioned in the previous sections can also be used to identify and prioritize non-functional requirements.

Nov 05,  · In that context, functional requirements are broadly about what the project should do when interacted with, and non functional requirements are about what the bounds of performance should be.

This frame of thinking falls apart in data mining. Because - just like real mining and exploration - data mining is more about finding than building. Define what you will find is difficult, limiting and mostly. The Application Security domain is concerned with the security controls used by applications during their design, development, and use.

Individuals studying this domain should understand the security and controls of application security, which includes the systems development process, application controls, and knowledge-based systems.

Nonfunctional requirements with data mining
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Nonfunctional requirements with the data mining -