Legume crops

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Wheat Growth and Development

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Perennial Legumes and Grasses

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Pulse Crop Genetic Improvement Network (PCGIN)

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Fall & Winter Vegetable Planting Guide

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List of Nitrogen-Fixing Plants

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Introduction. N2AFRICA is a large scale, science-based “research-in-development” project focused on putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers growing legume crops in Africa. Legumes bring atmospheric nitrogen into the crops and the soil through a symbiosis with Rhizobium bacteria, and they are an important source of protein in a healthy diet.

Mungbean management guide. Mungbean is a valuable summer crop as it is relatively drought-tolerant, quick-maturing and requires minimal fertiliser input. Table 1. Cover crops that may be useful in managing common plant parasitic nematodes in Florida gardens.

Yes = shuold reduce nematode populations. Legume cover crops are important nitrogen-fixing plants for soil health.

This important legume info is crucial to gardeners and farmers where over planting depletes soil nutrients.

This important legume info is crucial to gardeners and farmers where over planting depletes soil nutrients. Africa’sIndigenousCrops) Tableof%Contents% % Introduction) African%Eggplant.)The)FruitThat’s)Enjoyed)as)aVegetable).

The term "pulse", as used by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is reserved for crops harvested solely for the dry seed.

This excludes green beans and green peas, which are considered vegetable crops.

Also excluded are seeds that are mainly grown for oil extraction (oilseeds like soybeans and peanuts), and seeds which are used exclusively for sowing forage (clovers.

Legume crops
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