How to properly write a check with zero cents

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How to Write a Check

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How Do You Write a Check With Some Number of Dollars and Zero Cents?

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In a sentence, dollar and cent amounts should be written out in words, such as "sixty cents" or "thirty dollars". Alternatively, the number value may be written in digits or figures, such as "60 cents" or "30 dollars." Some style guides have different rules pertaining to the use of numeric figures.

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Whenever you leave your job, you have a decision to make with your k plan. Write the name of the person or organization who is receiving the check on the "Pay to the order of" line.

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Write the amount in numbers. Locate the window on the right side of the check that includes a "$" next to it, and enter the amount of the check. Be sure to include a decimal with two zeros after it to indicate the check has no cents added to it.

How to properly write a check with zero cents
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How to Properly Write a Check