Dihonour of cheque supreme court of

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Supreme Court on Dishonour of Post-Dated Cheques Issued as Security

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Supreme Court on Prosecuting a Company for Cheque Dishonour

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Second or successive dishonour of the cheque:New of Supreme Court Ruling The Supreme Court has overruled its own judgment regarding the law on bounced cheques. The Supreme Court as well as high courts have been following the wrong judgment in several cases under the Negotiable Instruments Act.

Supreme Court held that whether a post-dated cheque has been issued for discharge of an outstanding liability shall depend on the nature of transaction and Section of the Act, shall be attracted only on the date of the. The Supreme Court in N.

Cheque Dishonour

Harihara Krishnan v. J. Thomas ruled yesterday on certain procedural aspects relating to the offence under section of the Negotiable Instruments Act, (“NI Act”) of dishonour of a cheque issued by a company. It held that any failure to include the company as an accused in the complaint at the outset (i.e.

within the.

200+ Supreme Court of India Judgments / Orders on Dishonour of Cheque with Head Notes & Citations

Reminder notice of dishonor of cheque to the drawer In a recent case, N. Parameshwaram Unni v. G. Kannan & Anr. [7], the Supreme Court held that a reminder notice to a drawer of cheque cannot be construed as an admission of non-service of the first notice by the complainant.

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Supreme Court on Dishonour of Post-Dated Cheques Issued as Security

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Dihonour of cheque supreme court of
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Dishonour of Cheque - Section of the Negotiable instruments Act